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Celebrating 19 years!

Calgary's Premium Auto Detailer

Calgary’s car detailing industry leader Detailz has created a phenomenon by providing professional and superior vehicle detailing and car cleaning services, unsurpassed in quality and attention to detail.

Our specially trained autobody technicians use only the highest quality products and professional techniques to provide you with unforgettably meticulous results. And with over 100 combined years of auto detailing experience, Detailz takes great pride in every project that comes to us.?Read more?about why Detailz is the right choice for you.

Detailing SERVICES


Interior Package

Steam cleaned, shampooed, vacuumed and scrubbed from head to toe.


Exterior Package

Oil, sap, dirt and grime are gone from every inch of your car’s exterior.?Includes engine hand detailing!


The Complete Package

Combine the Interior and Exterior Package and have your vehicle sparkling from inside and out!


Power Polishing

Polished two or three times to remove deeper scratches, clear swirl marks and restore the paint’s original lustre.

Why Detailz?

When it comes to automotive detailing in Calgary, you have many options, but Detailz offers the ultimate detailing experience for your car, SUV or truck. Here’s why.

With over 100 combined years of auto detailing experience and an average of 7 years as part of the Detailz team, our expert technicians are the difference. Each of them takes pride in every project that comes to us . Together, we enjoy the challenge of raising the bar and finding solutions to your unique auto detailing needs.
Money well spent. That's how we want you to feel during your experience with Detailz. We deliver excellent results at a great value and we strive for complete customer satisfaction. The best part is giving you that WOW moment that you'll be telling your family and friends about.
We love cars and we love making them look their absolute finest. We share that love with every vehicle that comes through the doors. It would be our honour to deliver outstanding results for your vehicle.

Some of our work


What Customers Are saying about us

Well Detailz has done it to me AGAIN. This is the third time I've taken a vehicle to get cleaned up for the sole purpose of selling it. This is also the third time I've picked up my car and fallen in love with it again. It literally looks like the day I drove it off the lot. They took care of the stains on the back bumper from the exhaust, the minor scratches from driving on Deerfoot all winter, and even cleaned the engine. I almost took my shoes off to drive it home. If you actually love and take car of your car like I do, take it to Detailz. The crew is super friendly and they got it done quick!! Would recommend to anyone!!

Marc Michaels Morning Show Host - 98.5 Virgin Radio

Words can't do justice or paint an adequate picture of the amazing work you do! From the hands on customer service and pleasant environment to the finished product, which is second to none. Getting my car detailed is my personal favorite treat (yes, I don't have much of life) and now I've found the best place in town and I'll be back again and again. I was gob smacked upon seeing my Jeep after Lou's day-long masterful job. So much so that I had to check the license plate to ensure it was in fact mine. Inside and out, every inch was brought back to the day it rolled off the line. Keep up the great work and I'll look forward to seeing you at LEAST twice a year!

Matt O'Neill Morning Show Host - JACK FM

I recently took my vehicle into Detailz. I had no prior knowledge of the "detailing" industry; I simply wanted my car cleaned as the interior had not been cleaned in quite some time. When I picked up my car from Detailz, I was literally shocked. My car looked and smelled like I had originally purchased it. This shop does amazing work; it is absolutely astonishing to see the difference.

Jane Cananly Calgary, AB

My wife uses my 2006 Nissan Murano to transport our dog back and forth from the dog park for his walks. Normally, this wouldn't be such a huge issue, but our dog Murphy is one of those puppies that shed a lot. As time has gone on, Murphy's hair was pretty evident in the back of the truck, so I decided that it was time to take it in for a cleaning. I was not expecting that the dog hair would all be removed; I simply wanted most of it gone. I found Detailz through a simple Internet search. Again, I did not expect a miracle, and when speaking with the owner, I relayed this message to him. I was shocked and amazed to see the results from the Detailz work. I was very impressed with the "detail" they took in removing Murphy's hair, and was more impressed with the intricacy in the process of removal (tweezers!). Moreover, my Murano is black, and it is really hard to make it look shiny. Again, amazed by the turn out. Go try this service out for yourself; I know you'll be as happy as I was.

Randy Kovac Calgary, AB

I just wanted to pass on what excellent service I received from Detailz, A Spa for your Car! The inside of my mini van was an absolute disaster. It was soiled with food, dirt and coffee stains and desperately needed to be cleaned and sanitized from ceiling to floor. The Detailz team not only removed all of the dirt and stains and restored my interior back to its original condition (pretty close to it anyway!), they sanitized it to ensure that mould would not grow where food once lived. I was impressed by their professionalism and quality of work! I will be sure to tell everyone I know about Detailz and how they saved my car from dirt, stains and harmful mould.

Leslie Peterson Calgary, AB

I was not expecting what I received at Detailz. I simply wanted my car cleaned as it had not been cleaned thoroughly for quite some time. I was shocked to see what I got. My car was basically brand new. If you don't believe me, go see for yourself!!

Trent Miles Calgary, AB

I left them my soiled car after a winter's worth of dirt and salt had washed over it. The floor mats had turned from light grey to brown, the seats were covered in dog hair, the door handles were black, the dash was under a blanket of dust, and... this is good... there was that spilled double-double that I've been meaning to get to. I rolled back about six hours later and was floored. Seriously. Floored. It takes a lot to impress me. I would expect that a business that cleans cars would give me a clean car. The degree of cleanliness was astounding. For starters, my SUV was shiny and black again. It was actually better than new. And the interior... uh... I'm not sure I can put it in words. There was nothing in it. There was no evidence that the car had ever had its doors opened. Everything that was supposed to be shiny and black was shiny and black. Everything that was supposed to be clean was clean. Everything I touched squeaked. The seats looked clean, like I never eat in the car. There wasn't a single dog hair to be found. Everything was spotless. So, uh... let me say something corny here to reinforce my point. I basically got a brand new car. A $30,000 value for a couple of hundred bucks. Yeah, and I can't begin to tell you how awesome it is to have such a clean car. I kinda almost don't want to drive it though. Looks too good.

Roger Kingkade Host - The Show - Mornings on X929.

By far the best customer service that I have in Calgary. My car was cleaned professionally, I was given a run down of what was done, and I sincerely appreciated the service.

Jamie Renson Calgary, AB

A friend of mine whom had used their service recommended the Detailz shop to me. As an Account Executive, I have clients in vehicle all the time, and need to insure that my vehicle is spick and span on a regular basis. I normally would use a regular car wash simply to vacuum the interior of my vehicle. After trying Detailz, I can confidently tell you that this is the place to go to if you want more then just a "clean" car. I take my vehicle in three times a year now into Detailz, Spring, Fall, and Winter. Because of the work they do, I do not need to spend money all the time on car washes. My vehicle is cleaned thoroughly, and they give it that "new car" look. I highly recommend their services.

Jeff Whyte Calgary, AB

I am a regular at Detailz. Their custom and quality service is second to none. My first experience with Detailz was with a used car that I was trying to sell. Detailz was able to make my used car look like new and because of them, I was able to get top dollar for it. Now I use Detailz for all my vehicles and am diligent about getting them cleaned twice a year. I recommend Detailz to anyone who is looking to sell a car or simply renew their current vehicle. Detailz truly is a miracle maker.

B. Cleghorn Calgary, AB

I do not usually take the time to write these sort of things as I am a very busy person. However, when I received the call from the Detailz representative to give a personal reference for their website, I made sure to make the time! My family has two vehicles, one that wife drives the kids, and my vehicle that I use on a regular basis for work. My truck is always dirty from the work that I do, so I am a regular to the local car washes. I found Detailz on the internet, when I thought it was time to get the interior of my truck cleaned. I took the truck in to their shop and was impressed by the attention I received from the team. They took care of my needs, they were attentive, and went through the entire process with me. I was even more impressed when I picked up my truck the next day, so impressed that I got my wife to take in the van. We are now regulars at Detailz, taking our vehicles in twice a year. Thank you for the service you provide, no one in the city compares.

Tom Hitchings Calgary, AB